Detecting the effect of DUI Drugs

by | Nov 9, 2011 | Law

Detecting of DUI Drugs

Detecting of DUI Drugs

Whenever we hear about someone being involved in a DUI or Driving under the influence of alcohol case, we are reminded of drunk driving. We think that DUI is always related to alcohol consumption and its consequences while driving. But this is not actually the case. DUI also involves the charge of driving under the influence of drugs. There are numerous drugs which are highly intoxicating for the body and mind. Some of them affect the nervous system in such a way that a person becomes incapable of walking or speaking properly, leave alone driving!

When consumed, these drugs have serious effects on a person’s mental balance. It impairs the mental, as well as physical stability of a person. Thus if a driver, under the influence of such drugs tries to drive a car, then he may be charged with a DUI case. Whether the driver is under the influence of DUI drugs or not can be detected by the following means:

General indicators of impairment:

If you are under the influence of a drug, the smell of your body odor can give you away. Your speech will be slurred and you will feel sluggish and sedated. Your mind may become disoriented and you may have hallucinations. Drug intake also causes muscle rigidity. In any of these cases, the criminal defense doctors can easily prove that you are under the influence of drug.

Psychological indicators of impairment:

The crime detection doctors can easily catch you, if you are under the influence of drugs. You will have divided attention, poor balance and coordination. There will be a slow or accelerated internal clock. The rapid jerky movements of your body can easily prove your drug influence. Your heartbeat will be faster than usual and body temperature will remain excessively high or low.

Eye indications:


The normal horizontal gaze is impaired due to drug intoxication. The vertical gaze is also disturbed. You may either have extremely constricted pupils or awfully dilated ones. Bloodshot eyes are one of the best indicators of drug intake. The look is blank and expressionless. You would always seem to be under deep thought, without the least awareness of your whereabouts.

These symptoms are examined by experienced doctors. Therefore, you have little chance of escape. Make sure not to drive a car under alcoholic or drug influence. The state laws are stringent and violating them may hamper your future badly.

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