Dana Outlaw Law Office Can Help You Through Your Divorce

by | Feb 19, 2020 | Law

Divorce can be a challenging experience for any couple. Deciding to end a marriage is often a tough decision and can impact your finances as well as your emotions. When you need a divorce law lawyer in Lee’s Summit, MO, you can trust the qualified team at Dana Outlaw Law Office to help you through the divorce process.

One of the main factors in divorce, especially for couples who have children, is child support and custody. It’s usually best to go through the courts and work with a lawyer to determine which parent should be awarded custody of the children and which parent will be responsible for paying child support. When you have a lawyer on your team to help you with these aspects of divorce, this can reduce disputes and expedite the divorce process.

Some divorcing couples may also need to establish a paternity case for child support purposes. A divorce lawyer can monitor the paternity test proceedings and establish who is financially responsible for the child based on the paternity results. If circumstances change during or after the divorce, you can also work with a Dana Outlaw attorney to make modifications to prior judgments when circumstances change. For instance, if the parent who is paying child support starts making more money, child support payments will likely be higher. If paternity tests reveal that the perceived father of the child is not the child’s biological parent, child support obligations may be altered.

For more information on finding a divorce law lawyer in Lee’s Summit, MO, visit the Dana Outlaw Law Office website to schedule your consultation.

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