DUI Lawyers

DUI Lawyers
DUI Lawyers

DUI means driving under the influence, that is, driving a vehicle under the influence of alcohol to such a degree that renders the driver ineligible for the act of driving. The limits of alcohol/drug intake, which makes a person unfit to drive, vary from country to country as well as state to state. The main functions of DUI Lawyers are enlisted below:

Represent the convict: The main duty of the criminal defense lawyer is to represent the convict in the court. Whatever be the allegation against the convict, the criminal defense lawyer would always defend his client.


Avail bail or short term leave for him: If possible, the criminal defense lawyers procure bail for the convict. In some cases, it becomes really difficult or even impossible. But if it is within the power of the defense lawyer, then he does his very best to obtain a bail.


Acquitting the convict of the charge- However if there is strong proof against the convict, then it is not only difficult, but also impossible to release him from the charge.


Inform the convict about the case so that he/ she can speak in defense:


The DUI charges may lead to severe consequences. They are the following:

Loss of job: The convict can lose his/ her job, if he/she is caught driving drunk above the allowed alcohol limit. It is a very dangerous act and can put a lot of lives in danger, including that of the driver himself.

Jail Time: If a person is found to be guilty of driving under influence, then he may have to serve a  jail term.


Losing the license of the driver: The very first thing that a person loses after being caught driving under influence, is his/her license.


Insurance coverage complications: Insurance coverage complications may arise due to reckless driving of the vehicle. An insurance company would not give any compensation to the driver of the car, for any injuries sustained or car damage, if he/she was caught driving under the influence of alcohol. Causing injury or harm to a person can lead to severe action by the police/ state administration.


Impoundment of vehicle: The vehicle of the person caught driving under the influence of alcohol is impounded by the police. Once the vehicle is impounded it becomes very difficult to get it released. More so if the vehicle has been involved in any accident, then it becomes an element of the crime and would be required during the trial.

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