Criminal Defense Lawyers:

Criminal Defense Lawyers
Criminal Defense Lawyers

Crime has affected humanity since its birth. Human beings have always had a darker side, which has made them carry out acts of crime. Since crime is such a sensitive issue it has always been a matter related to the state administration. The judgment of crime does not depend upon human emotions; it is based on witnesses, facts, deductions and rules and has always been a matter of great debate. The debate usually revolves around the criminal who has done the crime and the justifications for proclaiming the person as a criminal and determining an appropriate punishment.

Facts can help in pointing towards the ultimate truth, but they are often distorted by vested interests. Criminal defense lawyer play an important role in the judgment of crimes. They scrutinize all the facts, people etc related to the crime to find out the real cause as well as the criminal. Defense lawyers work both ways, that is, they can, one on hand expose the real criminal and depending upon their loyalties protect the original criminal as well.

Some areas of crime that criminal defense lawyers work in are as follows:

Homicide: Homicide may be intentional or unintentional. It may also be reckless or premeditated. Homicide is always regarded as a criminal act. A homicide that is intentional is called a 1st degree murder. Vehicular manslaughter involves killing a human being by reckless driving. In most cases, homicide results in felony charge. The function of the criminal defense lawyer is to defend the criminal in the court.

Internet Crimes: Also called cyber crimes, Internet Crimes include theft, distribution of virus, fraud and phishing. Other Internet crimes include child sexual abuse and kidnapping. There are strict laws and penalties for Internet crimes. The function of the criminal defense lawyer is to defend the criminal, find out causes and witnesses, and also discover the original criminal, if he finds the convict innocent.

Juvenile Crimes: The juvenile crimes are of significant importance since they are committed by the junior citizens of the state. There is a growing rate of juvenile crimes in our society nowadays. Drug crimes, assault, battery, robbery and attempted murder are some of the cases of juvenile crime. Counseling and rehabilitation programs are of enormous help in these cases.

Terrorist Threats: This involves threatening to commit a crime if certain demands are not met. Terrorist threats usually involve committing crimes that would affect a huge number of regular citizens. Terrorist threats are very common nowadays.

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