Tips to avoid DUI charge

by | Nov 9, 2011 | Legal Services

DUI charge

DUI charge

Driving under the influence of alcohol/ drug (DUI) can cause a serious crime. Some tips are given below which would help you avoid road mishaps and unwanted accidents.

a)     Rest a while and save your life: After taking alcohol, rest for a few minutes before going out for a drive. Especially when you are going to take the driver’s seat, make sure that you are not under the influence of alcohol anymore. If you spend a few minutes on this, you may end up saving lives, which may include yours as well!

b)    In case of dizziness, avoid driving: If you are feeling dizzy, then don’t drive. Let somebody else drive the car for you. Or else, you can opt for a friend’s car that can drop you. There is no shame in sitting at the back or sitting beside the driver when you are unable to stabilize yourself.

c)     Take some lemon water after having too much alcohol. Lemon is believed to remove the intoxicating effects and freshen up your mind. Although there may be some headache, but that is insignificant.

d)    Vomiting before going out for a drive: If you vomit after having alcohol, then the contents of your stomach will come out. This will help in removing the intoxicating effects of alcohol from your body.

e)     What if your stomach does not empty properly? If your stomach is not emptied properly, the alcohol may cause harm. Then the best way is to take a handful of butter and gobble it before drinking alcohol. It will make a layer inside your stomach. The alcohol will be accumulated above that layer. If you try to vomit, then all the content will come out, leaving behind an empty stomach. The intoxicating effect of alcohol will therefore be reduced. In that case, you can ensure that your driving will be safe and free from mishaps.

f)     Take a good nap: If you take a good nap after drinking, then the intoxicating effect of alcohol will be reduced. Driving after that will be safe and free from harm. Sleep reduces fatigue and toxins are removed from our blood during sleep. Therefore, sleep helps to drain away toxins introduced by alcohol.

g)    If necessary, what will you do? If there is a necessity to drive even under the influence of alcohol, then make sure that you drive slowly. If you drive fast, then there are high chances that you will cause an accident. Slow and cautious driving may help you avoid accidents.

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