Suspect Wrongful Death? Why to Choose a Wrongful Death Lawyer in Olympia, WA

by | May 7, 2013 | Law

When a loved one dies due to abuse or neglect, families are left to deal with tragedy. If family members suspect that the abusive or neglectful actions of another caused the death of an immediate family member, they should contact a Wrongful Death Lawyer Olympia WA. Experts with knowledge and experience can evaluate the situation, collect and prepare evidence, represent the family in court, and hold the guilty party responsible.

Cases of wrongful death are difficult to prove. Legitimate cases of wrongful death occur when the actions of another, no matter the intention, cause the death of another. Wrongful death attorneys have the experience required to identify relevant evidence and witnesses. This evidence may exist for an indefinite period of time, so families should not hesitate to retain representation as quickly as possible. For instance, in the case of car accidents, physical evidence on the roadway and the vehicles must be collected. Eyewitnesses should give statements while their memories are fresh. Other wrongful death cases may take years from the causal event to the death. Mesothelioma is an example of a cause of death directly linked to the neglect of companies who allowed their employees to inhale asbestos. Yet, the death of the wronged party may occur thirty years later. Other cases require immediate attention. Medical malpractice cases which result in death need medical experts and medical documentation to prove wrongful death. This evidence comes from an autopsy, which families must request immediately in order to gather all available evidence. These three examples are few among many situations which require the expertise of an experienced wrongful death attorney.

A successful wrongful death case requires factual, documented evidence to prove that the actions of another caused the death. The settlement or judgment reached largely depends on the circumstances of the deceased. The formula calculates a monetary value based on the age, earning potential, life expectancy, and family circumstances of the deceased. Additionally, the verdict may be increased if evidence demonstrates that the death occurred because of malicious intent, or if the attorney can demonstrate that the deceased endured pain and suffering. The complexity and difficulty of these cases indicate a need for an experienced and knowledgeable attorney to represent the decedent’s family. A Wrongful Death Lawyer Olympia WA can hold the abusive or neglectful part responsible for a family member’s death.

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