Defense For A DUI In Tucson

by | May 6, 2013 | Law

Anyone who has been reading the news knows that the laws keep getting tougher and tougher in the area of impaired driving offenses. The strong lobbying by citizen groups has tightened up the thresholds for being found impaired and the judges take a very dim view of repeat offenders.

Even first time charges of DUI can have serious and long lasting repercussions in a person’s life. The situation is unique for each arrest and every defendant has their own specific set of facts that surround their charges. Even a simple traffic stop that caused the police to suspect the driver was under the influence of intoxicants can mean loss of driving privileges or even forfeiture of the vehicle.

Due to the serious nature of this kind of charge, a Tucson DUI law specialty attorney is a wise choice to represent you. Their experience in the courts and with the entire process of what a DUI defendant faces can help their clients navigate the maze of legal proceedings that are set in motion by the charges.

An initial meeting with the lawyer can give you a chance to tell them the situation that led to your arrest and with your lawyer, you can read the police reports about the charges you have received.

The DUI Tucson courts are a place that your lawyer has been practicing for years. Their familiarity with the prosecution, the judges and even the probation agents can make your path more easy to predict.

A DUI has many additional charges that may accompany it. Open containers of alcohol in the passenger compartment are one common additional charge that many clients see. Charges that relate to test refusal when the police made the arrest and tried to get a breath, blood or urine sample to determine the blood alcohol reading are another.

DUI specialty attorneys in Tucson are well aware of all the common aspects that accompany a charge of impaired driving. For clients who have prior DUI charges, the stakes are much higher for a new DUI ticket.

The enhanceable nature of this offense elevates the seriousness with each new charge, making it even more important that the defendant is well represented by an experienced attorney.

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