Finding A DUI Attorney In Lawrenceville GA

When charged with drunk driving, hiring a skilled DUI Attorney in Lawrenceville GA is not a bad idea. DUI laws are complex and getting stricter every year. The legal blood alcohol concentration has been reduced from 0.10 to 0.08 nationally and some states have even stricter laws regarding commercial drivers or for drivers under 21 years of age.

Understand DUI severity with a DUI Attorney in Lawrenceville, GA

DUI laws are very strict and even a first time offender can get severely penalized. You could face mandatory prison time, IID or Ignition Interlock Device in your vehicle that requires you to blow into it every time you have to drive, huge court fines and legal fees, community service, treatment programs and even a criminal record that is permanent. Courts don’t see a DUI offender as a ‘soft criminal’.

A single DUI arrest can migrate into multiple offences starting with violation of traffic laws, refusal for blood alcohol test or breathalyzer test and endangering the life of others. A repeat offender could be charged more severely and can get multiple years of jail time and thousands of dollars in fine. You can also lose your driving license.

Apart from the legal charges, a DUI arrest is also associated with social stigma and embarrassment. It has a negative influence on your employment prospects and on your personal life.

A DUI attorney can help you understand the extent of your offence and the charges that are applicable according to the DUI laws of your jurisdiction.

How can a DUI Attorney in Lawrenceville, GA help me?

A DUI Attorney can provide you with legal counsel and the next steps that need to be taken based upon your circumstances. They can try to get the charges dropped early during the pre-trial conferences and negotiations or file a motion on your behalf to suppress your statements.

They will help you with your plea decisions and can hire investigators, find witnesses, build your case for a strong defense and represent you if your case goes to trial. They can also participate in juror selection.

How do I find a DUI attorney in Lawrenceville, GA?

Specialization is an important criterion. Focus on attorneys that specialize in DUI laws of your state. They will know the court system better and will represent your case more effectively. An affiliation to NACDL (National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers) and NCDD (National College of Drunk Driving Defense) is always helpful.

Set up an initial consultation with a DUI Attorney in Lawrenceville GA to meet and discuss your case. This initial consultation should be free of charge.

Discuss the cost and estimated legal fees upfront. Check for various payment or financing options.

Do online research and plan to meet with more than one attorney before making your decision.

Be responsible for your actions, driving under influence not only puts your life in danger but also impacts the lives of your loved ones. Noel H. Benedict & Associates can help you with their team of DUI Attorneys Lawrenceville GA.



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