Why do you need a Social Security Lawyer?

Social Security Lawyer
Social Security Lawyer

First of all, let us understand the term social security. Most people are still not clear about what it means and how it affects their lives. This term originated through the Social Security Act that generally pays a certain amount to people for their living. People who have retired, children who are dependant, and spouses come under this category.

There are usually two types of social securities – Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI). Both are securities have been implemented so that people with disabilities and injuries that have brought their working life and income to a standstill, can be awarded with a lump sum each month for their expenses.

The process is not as easy as it sounds because most of the times, when people apply for disability benefits they are rejected right away because they have not fulfilled the criteria of SSI or SSDI. This is a common occurrence because more than three-fourth of the applications are rejected. The processing is a lengthy procedure and it may so happen that you get to know of your rejection many months later. If you are physically disabled and can’t work to earn for your family, then it is imperative to hire a social security lawyer at once.

Don’t be under the misconception that social security lawyers do nothing except extracting a fat sum of money from you. A qualified and trained lawyer will hear your case and help you to claim the disability benefits accordingly. The entire point of hiring a lawyer is because they are well-versed with these laws and can guide you on how to go about the process for application in a more systematic manner. Once your application has been approved then you will be reimbursed for your monthly expenses without having to worry at all.

Searching for a social security lawyer (Woodstock, IL) is not difficult when you have the power of the World Wide Web on your fingertips. By keying in the relevant query and your area name, you can localize the results and then make your choice accordingly. Just make sure that the attorney is experienced enough to tackle the case or not. It is important to request a consultation in person before you actually hire him. This consultation is free of cost and you can decide later if you want to hire him or you would like to contact another lawyer.


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