Criminal Lawyer in Frederick MD Experienced in Defending Felony Charges

Many people go through their entire lives without needing the services of a lawyer; while others are not so fortunate. Just because someone needs to hire an attorney does not mean they are a criminal. Attorneys offer other services including traffic law, tax law, corporate law, estate law, and family law. If you have been charged with a crime, you need to hire an experienced Criminal lawyer Frederick MD. Whatever situation you find yourself in; there is a lawyer who can help you.

Family law probably deals with some of the most emotional issues an attorney can experience, excluding murder cases. This is because these cases involve families who are going through divorce proceedings. They have to make decisions on child support, custody arrangements, and visitation. These issues can lead to bitter feelings between the estranged couple; especially if infidelity or domestic violence was one of the reasons the couple split up. Another service offered as part of a family law practice is testing for paternity. Sometimes paternity has to be established in order to determine if child support is rightfully owed and if a parent has a right to custody and visitation.

Traffic cases are pretty run of the mill as long as they do not involve accidents where someone is seriously injured or killed. In case of a fatality, especially one caused by DUI or other forms of recklessness, a Criminal lawyer Frederick MD is needed to handle the case. Vehicular homicide and reckless endangerment are serious charges that carry stiff penalties including imprisonment and fines. In addition to the criminal case, the victim’s survivors can file a civil suit seeking damages due to wrongful death or restitution for bodily injury. An experienced lawyer can successfully defend his client against the criminal charges and the civil suit.

A Criminal lawyer Frederick MD can defend clients accused of embezzlement, assault, drug possession, parole violation, and other felonies. If you do find yourself charged with a crime, hire or have a lawyer appointed for you as soon as possible. The old saying about time is of the essence is never truer than when it comes to building a strong defense.

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