Injured at Work? Hire a Workers Compensation Attorney in Cleveland

Some workers compensation claims are easier to understand than others. If a machinist is making a piece of equipment at a steel mill and injures his eye, it’s pretty clear that workers compensation should cover the cost of treating his eye. He should also be compensated for the time it takes him to recover. If he can never see well enough to work again, then he’s entitled to be compensated for the life-time loss of earning potential. However, if that same machinist is asked to play on the company baseball team and gets hit in the eye with a baseball, the company might try to claim that he wasn’t injured in the work place.

In that case he should definitely contact a workers compensation attorney cleveland practice. While he was playing baseball on the company team, he is entitled to the same protection as if he was making a piece of equipment. The machinist might feel that he doesn’t have the money to hire a lawyer to represent him. He’s dealing with the workers compensation insurance company and he might believe they have his interest at heart. The first thing he should realize is that they make money by keeping payouts as small as possible. He needs his own lawyer to fight for his rights and coverage.

Hiring an attorney such as Robert C. Bianchi Attorney at Law guarantees that there will be a level playing field. A lawyer knows all of the tricks that an insurance company will use to keep from paying out life-time benefits. He’ll also take the case on a contingency basis. That means the law firm pays all of the upfront costs of mounting a legal battle. That includes interviewing emergency personnel who responded, the doctors who treated the injury, and the company officials. He’ll also hire independent medical experts who might disagree with the company mandated doctors. As the evidence begins to definitely show that the machinist was injured while acting on behalf of the company, the insurance company may make an offer. The lawyer will know if it’s a serious offer or not. If it is, then he’ll recommend that the client accept it. Only then will the law firm get paid, from the proceeds of the settlement.

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