What to Bring to a Consultation with a Workers Comp Lawyer in Kansas City MO

When an injury happens on the job it is necessary to file a claim with workers compensation. This allows the injured person to receive payment while they are recovering from their injury. In some cases workers comp may deny an Injury Claims or stop payment. When this happens it may be necessary to hire an attorney to help the individual receive compensation. It is important to know what to bring to a consultation with a Workers Comp Lawyer Kansas City MO. Medical Bills and ReportsThe attorney will need to see copies of all medical bills that have been accrued due to the injury that was sustained on the job. They will also need to see reports from the doctors that explain the injury. This will include reports from an specialists and emergency room doctors that saw the injured person. These reports will also need to include any ongoing issues that the patient may suffer due to the injury as well as a speculative date when they may return to work if the injury did not lead to permanent disability.Work Related Accident Reports and Witness Contact InformationWhen an injury occurs and the work place, they are required to fill out an injury report. A copy of this report will need to be given to the workers comp lawyer during the consultation. The client will also need to provide the attorney with the names and contact information for any one who witnessed the accident or has information about negligence on the part of the employer.Any Correspondence with Workers CompensationThe workers compensation attorney will need to have copies of any correspondence that the client has received from workers compensation. This can include check stubs, letters asking for information from doctors and letters of denial for compensation.Filing a claim against workers compensation may be a lengthy and time consuming process but it is sometimes necessary. Having a Workers Comp Lawyer Kansas City MO representing the client can be beneficial in them receiving the compensation that they deserved. Knowing what to take when consulting a workers compensation lawyer can help make the process go more smoothly.


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