The Personal Injury Attorney Riverdale Will Help an Injured Person Receive Just Compensation

If you have been injured by any vehicle, you need to call 411 PAIN immediately. This will put you in contact with the Personal Injury Attorney Riverdale who can begin to develop a picture of the accident. This picture will help the attorney develop a settlement proposal, or a court case if necessary.

The attorney will begin collecting evidence by interviewing witnesses and the EMS crew if one was called. He will also read the police report and interview the police officer to get all of the information he can obtain. He will make pictures of the accident scene, perhaps contacting an accident expert to study the vehicle and the road conditions. He will want an expert to indicate how fast the vehicle was traveling. Often, the vehicle malfunctions because of bald tires or bad brakes. There could be other vehicle problems as well.

The attorney will begin to collect all of the available information on the driver. This includes the driver’s driving record, indicating past driving problems. The driver may have been ticketed for moving violations, accidents, and even DUIs. All of this is helpful in determining if the driver has a tendency for reckless driving. All of this information helps the attorney form a picture of the driver and the accident. This will be very useful information in court, if the case goes that far.

The Personal Injury Attorney Riverdale will gather medical records about the extent of the injuries. These will indicate the prognosis for recovery. The attorney will be concerned about establishing a return to work date and whether there will be restrictions on working. The attorney will be looking for any indication of permanent damage or the inability to do any work at all.

Once the attorney from Personal Injury Attorney from 411 PAIN collects all of the pertinent information, he will be in a position to develop a case for trial if it becomes necessary to go that far. The case can be so well developed that the insurance carrier will hopefully be willing to settle out of court. The case as developed will be very influential in settlement discussions with the driver’s insurance company.

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