What is Family Law in Visalia

Family Law
Family Law

It is relatively common for every person when involved with issues of family law in Visalia to feel that involving a third party is not necessary. Many people who get divorced or may be dealing with custody issues tend to want to represent themselves. How hard could it be? You have your box of crumpled records and a binder full of jotted down notes of all the mean things they ever said to you. You know you are in the right, and there is nothing they could possibly do to twist your words. No judge would believe the blatant lies and slander. It will be obvious as soon as you walk in the court room that they were the crazy ones, and you are have much more sense.

This, however, is the wrong attitude. First of all, most family law cases are settled out of court. Things such as custody battles, are done in a multiphase process. This is true of most lawsuits in family law in Visalia. The first stage is not an attack. Instead, it is a conference with a mediator, who is a family law lawyer, to see if assets and child custody can be arranged amicable and legally without involving the court room process. If this is not possible, then a preliminary court room session is called. Again, this is another effort to settle things without bringing them to formal court. In this case, the presider will formally review evidence and both parties’ arguments in order to try to create a more formal and precise agreement as to the assets and child custody. Only if an arrangement cannot be made does the case move to a formal family court room.

This is where your attorney that specializes in family law in Visalia comes in to argue your case and prove to the judge that you deserve what you are asking for. However, it is vitally important to have this family law attorney with you at every step of the way. Bringing a lawyer in at the last minute is often too late because most of the actual law and decisions have been made in the first two phases of the process. To go without a lawyer would be the greatest mistake of all. The law is often confusing. It is not easy to navigate by design. Do yourself a favor by getting a capable lawyer to help you through what may be the hardest part of your life.



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