Using Meditation During Divorce

Divorce can be a difficult time for all of those involved. There are issues that will arise between you and your ex-partner such as who gets the house, who will be awarded child custody, how to split up the assets, and all of these will need to be determined. During this trying time the last thing that either party wants to deal with is going to a trial. This can be time consuming and will drain all of the energy out of both parties. In addition, if both parties are amicable, it might seem unnecessary. Divorce mediation is an option, which can eliminate the need for a trial while still developing an agreement between both you and your ex-partner. You can have a Divorce Mediation in Long Island where you and your ex-partner will get together and resolve any issue associated with the divorce, with the help of a third party. There are many styles of mediation that you and your attorney can choose to following. Each type can be useful as long as the mediation remains confidential and all conflicts are resolved.

Mediation compared to Arbitration

Arbitration is similar to mediation in regards that both are options of settling the divorce without the need of going to court. In divorce mediation in Long Island, the third party will have no power in the matter. This third party is available to help out both the wife and the husband during the mediation. If neither party can come to an agreement, the mediator will not be able to help. In arbitration you and your ex-partner will enlist the help of someone who will settle all disagreements. Both parties will need to agree in advance that they will follow whatever ruling the arbitrator hands out. You will be able to present your argument and your ex-partner will present their argument. Once both sides have had a chance to speak, the arbitrator will make a determination.

Separate Your Assets

One thing that both parties must determine in divorce mediation in Long Island is how the assets will be divided. Make a list of all assets and decide on the value of items that were owned jointly during the marriage. This will ensure that assets are split up evenly between you and your ex-partner.

The Children

Custody over children will come up in the mediation. No one should win or lose the custody of the children from the marriage. Children need both parents, no matter the reason for the divorce, and both parties must learn to put their differences aside for the sake of their children. In mediation both parties must explore possibilities for custody that will benefit the children and put this above their own needs.

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