The trauma of a spinal cord injury

by | Feb 27, 2013 | Law

Two of the most serious injuries that can be suffered by the human body are brain injuries and spinal cord injuries. In many serious automobile accidents, the head, neck and spine may all be damaged. Statistically, there are about 30 spinal cord injuries every day, car accidents are the most common cause with acts of violence running a close second. If a loved one is one of the unfortunate 30, you will need the representation of an excellent spinal injury attorney in Las Vegas such as Gazda & Tadayon.

What is the spine and what injuries can it receive?

The spinal cord is made up of nerve bundles, which act as the communication network from the brain to every part of the body. The cord is encased in fluid and then further protected with ligaments, vertebrae and shock absorbing discs.

The discs, which are made from a gelatin filled cartilage facilitates body movement. If the movement is to the extreme, the outer annulus of the disc may rupture causing the gelatin like material to enter the spinal cord and nerves. This certainly causes a great deal of excruciating pain and may result in paralysis. In the worst cases, the injury may completely disrupt the communication highway from the brain to the extremities, causing paraplegia or quadriplegia.

Costs of treatment:

The cost to the victim of a spinal cord injury can be enormous. A spinal injury attorney in Las Vegas will be the first to tell you that paralysis; bed sores, loss of bladder and bowel control, chronic pain and loss of sexual functions, depression and more are common. The spinal cord injury victim will often need full-time care for the rest of his or her life.

The attorney will also tell you the importance of conveying the pain and suffering of the victim to a jury and convincing the jury of the enormous expenses that the victim, and his family are facing. Depending on the victim’s age, lifelong care can easily run into the many millions of dollars.

The lawsuits are complex:

There will invariably be a lawsuit filed when a spinal injury is involved. The objective is to get the necessary compensation for the victim and his care. During the trial, the prosecuting attorney must convey to the jury, the agony that the victim is going through; he must graphically portray the changing of catheters and the daily bowel program. Although it may not be a pretty sight, and witnessed by few, it is the lot of the victim and his family. The lawyers must have medical knowledge as well as legal acumen to advocate for the injured. With a lifetime of misery ahead of them, victims of spinal cord injuries deserve the maximum compensation, not that it will ever make them whole again, but it will ease the financial pressures associated with a lifetime of care.

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