The Focus Areas of Family Law

by | Apr 15, 2013 | Law

Family law is actually quite a large category for legal services. It covers everything from marital agreements and divorces to child laws and adoption and any other domestic case. In most cases, there are law firms that are just for family law. To help gain a further understanding of what a family lawyer does, here is a better breakdown of some of the areas that are considered under the overall umbrellas of family law.

Marriages and Divorces

The first area within family law as to with marital agreements or disputes. This includes both premarital agreements (or prenuptial agreements) and post marital agreements. When there are a lot of assets, and liabilities at stake it can often set the stage for disagreements to happen. Many couples will employ the help of a law firm for family law in Ventura to help establish any agreements in writing and also settle any disputes according to the agreements.

Related to the marital agreements are the divorce cases, legal separation cases, and annulment cases. It is unfortunate, but it does happen. Couples that were once happy find no alternative but to separate. When this is the case, a lawyer for family law in Ventura can help a person go through the process. This could include issues like division of properties, spousal support, child support, or any other related financial matter.


The area of adoption is another big area of family law. There is a lot of paperwork involved, and the process can be long and tedious, especially if it involves adoption across state borders or even across the borders of the country. A family lawyer can help a person or couple navigate these troubling waters in order to process the adoption as quickly as possible.

Domestic Violence

Finally, there is the area of domestic violence within a home. Some of the services offered by a family lawyer can include restraining orders, kick out of residence orders, civil harassment orders, etc. If there are cases of abuse, a family lawyer can help the victim or defendant go through the process so that all of the legal requirements are met. If a case needs to be escalated, then the family lawyer can certainly help a person go through the entire process of reaching a verdict sooner.

These are the main areas of family law. Of course, there are many other cases that are closely related. For any person who thinks that they might have a case where they need representation they should take the time to schedule a consultation with a family lawyer. Most offer a free initial consultation where they will analyze all of the facts of the case and then offer some of their own legal advice.

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