Talk to Your DUI Lawyer in Kansas City about These Tips

If you have been arrested or pulled over on suspicion of DUI, then you know how humiliating and stressful this situation can be. If you have not ever been pulled over for DUI, or you have before and are trying to avoid it in the future, talk to a DUI lawyer in Kansas City about some of the tips you can use to keep it from happening again.

The first thing that you can do is avoid drinking and driving in the first place. As any Kansas City DUI Lawyer will tell you, the easiest way to avoid a DUI arrest is to avoid driving altogether if you have had anything to drink. Whether you are going to hang out at your friend’s house, or you are going to your grandmother’s 80th birthday party, if you think that there is a possibility that you will consume alcohol, bring along a designated driver.

Second, do not mistakenly think that it will not happen to you. If you have had a drink or two and go out driving, you may really be just fine. However, even the most sober drivers make mistakes. If you run a stop sign, speed, or weave in and out of traffic and are pulled over, chances are the police officer who pulled you over is going to suspect on some level that you may have been drinking. As you get your license and registration out, as you talk with the officer, even before the officer approaches your window, he or she is going to be analyzing your every move, looking for things that might indicate you were driving under the influence. A DUI arrest can happen to anyone at anytime, and a DUI lawyer in Kansas City can help you with things to avoid being arrested in the first place.

Third, you are not required to take the field sobriety tests, and a DUI lawyer in Kansas City will usually recommend that you politely refuse when asked to perform these tests. The field sobriety tests are a series of physical tests that are designed to examine your balance, posture, and ability to follow simple instructions. The problem is these tests are difficult for most people to perform, even while sober. You are not required to take these tests and if you do, the officer is going to be looking for any little thing that would indicate impairment.

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