Steps To Take Looking For A Bankruptcy Lawyer

Credit cards may have become so integrated into your life that you lost track of how much money you owed. So long as you can make that monthly payment and you can continue to use your cards you think everything is ok. Then one day you come face to face with the mountain of debt you have accumulated. Often this happens when a family member loses their job. It is at this point that you don’t know if you will be able to pay back the debt you have accumulated. If you have been unemployed for any length of time you may be considering filing for bankruptcy and will be looking for a bankruptcy lawyer in Portage.

The phone book and online sources are full of lawyers’ names. With this many lawyers it should be simple to pick a lawyer, right? The truth is this may be the most critical decision you will make in how well your bankruptcy case unfolds in court. The bankruptcy lawyer in Portage that you choose will have a significant impact on your future.

When beginning your search for your lawyer start with friends and family. If you happen to know any lawyers personally, ask if they could recommend someone. If this doesn’t produce any leads check your local bar association’s website. This should produce some useful names. Be sure you are looking at experienced lawyers in bankruptcy law. The law is a massive field. Most lawyers will choose one or two related segments in which to practice law. It would be impossible for one lawyer to keep up on all of the changes in all of the laws.

When you first begin your search for your bankruptcy lawyer in Portage you may end up with an extensive list. Begin to narrow that list by looking at each lawyer’s website. Another consideration may be where the lawyer is located. Once you have your list narrowed to several different lawyers, make some appointments to meet with each. Lawyers will generally offer the first consultation for free. This allows them the chance to see if your case is something they can help with and it gives you the opportunity to get questions answered. You will be able to get a sense if the lawyer is someone you feel comfortable with and would entrust with your future.

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