Common Myths Addressed by a Personal Injury Attorney St Petersburg Professional

There are a number of myths and bits of misconstrued information about personal injury cases. Unfortunately, these myths can affect a person’s likelihood of receiving the help they need when they have a lawsuit against a negligent party. Here are some common myths with the actual truth as explained by a personal injury attorney St Petersburg professional.

You are obligated to talk to the insurance company
Following an accident claim against a driver’s insurance company, the company’s adjuster is going to call you to ask a lot of questions. Many people think they are obligated by law to answer all of the questions that the insurance adjuster asks. Unfortunately, this will hurt your case because the insurance adjuster knows the right questions to ask to get the answers they want. Never answer their questions. Instead, hire a personal injury attorney St Petersburg specialist to represent you and answer any questions the insurance company or anyone else has.

I can always trust my insurance company
Regardless of the advertisements you see for your insurance company or anything you’ve been told, your insurer may not always be on your side. For instance, if you file a claim due to an underinsured or uninsured driver, your insurance company suddenly becomes an opponent for you. Any information you give them will likely be used against you to avoid paying any money out to you. Before you start dealing with your insurance company, hire a qualified auto accident or personal injury attorney to work for you. They will help make sure you are treated fairly whether you are dealing with your own insurance company or that of the negligent party.

I can’t get compensated because I was partially at fault
Depending on the state in which you had the accident, your monetary award will likely be affected by the amount of fault you share in the incident. For instance, if you were 30 percent at fault for an accident and you receive a financial award, you will likely get 30 percent less of the money as a result of your fault. You should ask your personal injury attorney about this issue when you discuss your case so you don’t have any surprises once the case is over.

I don’t need an attorney
An attorney is essential if you are going to fight against an insurance company or an at-fault party. They are going to have attorneys working for them, so you should have a professional who knows the system working aggressively for you. Find a qualified personal injury lawyer today to make sure your rights are protected.

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