Pertinent Issues in Ct Child Support Laws

by | Dec 9, 2013 | Law

One of the most convoluted issues about family law has to be child support. Many parents both custodial and non-custodial have continued suffering silently because of the complexities involved in child support laws. However, if you use a Ct child support attorney, all these fears will be wiped away and you will ensure justice for your kids and also some financial leeway for yourself in case you are paying.

There are many issues in child support laws that you need to know as a parent. In most cases, the issue of child support will come up in case there is a separation or divorce. The Ct child support laws are thus formulated to protect the welfare of the children. Under the Connecticut child law you will be obligated to support your child until twelfth grade or when they attain 18 years.

However, you can use your lawyer to order for further support even up to college level. The strength of such a case will of course be determined by the type of lawyer you use. Always ensure you research keenly before hiring an expert in Ct child support. With a family lawyer by your side, you will have invested wisely because in most cases, these legal experts will help you manoeuvre through the complicated legal jungle that is child support law.

How will a court of law determine the amount you are to pay as child support or how much will your receive from the non-custodial parent? Some of the factors to consider include your financial capability, amount and sources of finances, occupation, needs of the child, and parent’s occupation among other factors. It is virtually impossible to predict exactly what the court will order under the child Support but these are the main considerations.

There are also some factors that do not have anything to do with your financial situation as the non-custodial parent. Your lawyer will be able to take your hand and guide you through all these intricate aspects of your child support case. If you are custodial parent looking for child support under the law, there are some critical aspects of these laws you also need to appreciate.

You will need an attorney to represent you in court in order to get a court order which is your legal leeway to getting child support. Remember with a lawyer, you will be able to expedite the process and in the process ensure your children’s educational and other needs are not in any way affected.

If you have opted for the non-adversarial divorce option which is advisable, you will not have the limitation of under the child support and hence, your children can get a better deal this way. You will have the option of developing a structure that is future-focused and customized for your kids.
Whatever you do, always ensure a family attorney is involved throughout the process.

Child support law is a complex area and the more you learn as a parent going through divorce, the better. At  you will get a cornucopia of information to help you get an insight into this area of law thus ensuring a better deal for your children.

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