Know What to Expect from Your DUI Attorney In Suwanee

What started as a great night out can end in one of the worst nights of your life. Many people have experienced the horrible process of being arrested for drunk driving in Suwanee. You may be in a rush to hurry up and get this whole thing over with, but you should proceed cautiously and with an educated understanding. This is the worst time to just rush to get any representation. You want to spend a great amount of time researching your DUI attorney in Suwanee before you consider retaining them to handle your case. Criminal defense attorneys are not all the same, the importance in having someone who is very experienced with DUI is crucial to what will happen to you, so choose wisely and investigate thoroughly.

The next and most important thing to check into is the potential DUI attorney in Suwanee is their case records in Gwinnett County. Do they have a lot of favorable outcomes? Do they have a lot of cases tried in Gwinnett County? What about the judges in your jurisdiction? Having been ticketed in Suwanee have they tried a lot of cases with the judge for your case and had good results for their defendants? If those results are results you would also like to see handed down as sentencing in your case then proceed to check out their methods of working with clients.

Ask to speak to previous defendants about what your potential DUI attorney in Suwanee is like to deal with? Do they answer questions themselves? Do they follow through on what they say and can you reach them if you have questions? Realizing of course the right to privacy and disclosure issues still every really experienced DUI attorney in Suwanee will have at least a few previous clients that they have had dealings with that can give them a reference. If they don’t have any then be cautious, there should be no excuse for not having at least one or two defendants who they represented successfully that you can confirm their abilities with.

Fighting a drunk driving charge isn’t something that is done overnight. These cases take time to process and significant money and time to fulfill the commitments handed down in sentencing by the courts. You don’t want to be hasty in your decision to select the right DUI attorney in Suwanee. Check their track records with the type of sentencing their clients have received in the past and speak directly to one or two of their old clients. Go in with your eyes wide open so you know what to expect from your DUI attorney in Suwanee.


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