Jail Bonds in Fort Worth, TX, and Other Bail Payment Options

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When a person is arrested, the first thing he typically thinks about is how he is going to get out of jail. Each case is different, with a lot of stress being placed on the severity of the crime and the previous criminal history of the person arrested. In many cases, a bail amount is set that must be paid to be released from jail. There are typically several ways to satisfy the bail, including cash payment, collateral payment and jail bonds in Fort Worth, TX.

Cash Payment

Depending on the amount of the bail set and the financial status of friends or family members, some people put up the entire cash amount of the bail. This ensures the defendant’s freedom between the day of arrest and the court date and allows him to get his defense ready with his lawyer without the stress of being behind bars. The largest benefit of a cash payment is the return of 100 percent of the funds once all requirements of bail have been met and all court appearances are over.

Collateral Payment

For some people who cannot afford bail, collateral is offered. This can take different forms, including jewelry, a house or any other valuable property. If the property is too large to hand to a law enforcement official, the deed is put into the trust of the law enforcement official. Just like in the instance of cash payments, the collateral is given back once all requirements are met.

Jail Bonds in Fort Worth, TX

For those who cannot afford the bail amount or simply don’t want to put that kind of money out at once, jail bonds are a good alternative. The bond typically requires a 10 percent payment of the amount of bail up front and the bail bondsman guarantees the rest. The exact circumstances of the arrest, the financial situation of the person purchasing the bond and the flight risk of the arrested person all play a role in the cost of the bond.

If you have a loved one who finds himself behind bars, it can be a scary time. When it is time to bail him out, you have several options, which can make the situation less stressful. If you have the cash and are willing to part with it all at once, you can make a cash payment. Most people choose not to go this route and choose to put up collateral or purchase jail bonds in Fort Worth, TX, to get their loved one out of jail and on his way to creating a solid defense.

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