How Domestic Violence Lawyers Santa Rosa County Can Help You End the Violence

The cycle of abuse can only be stopped when one is seriously injured or worse. However, many options do exist where an individual dealing with such a painful thing can get help by contacting a Domestic Violence Lawyers Santa Rosa County firm.

Listed below are some of the things a domestic violence attorney can help you or somebody close to you put a halt to the dysfunctional as well as vicious cycle that is abuse. You will also find information regarding ways through which you can get help from the domestic violence lawyers in Santa Rosa County in a confidential manner.

Gather Information
A domestic violence lawyer can help in gathering required information as well as evidence that will be needed in a court of law. This is especially important in the event you or someone else is requesting for protection from abuse. The investigations are done in a confidential and discrete manner such that the person facing the abuse will not have to deal with the abuser finding out about the steps being taken.

Acquisition of Protective Order

The first legal step an experienced domestic lawyer in Santa Rosa County can take is to go to court and petition for the issuance of a protective order. The protective orders are orders from court that prevent contact with the abuse victim by the accused abuser. Violation of such orders will, in most cases, lead to the immediate arrest of the violator by enforcement officers.

Prolong Protection

Once the initial order has been issued as well as served to the alleged offender, a Domestic Violence Lawyers Santa Rosa County representative will prepare for hearing. The hearing is established to determine if the said order is to be extended for some time offering peace of mind to the victim.

End the Cycle of Violence

In the event that the victim is married to the perpetrator, Domestic Violence Lawyers Santa Rosa County can help through filing and completing a divorce. Once the marriage is annulled, the survivor can now move on faster and succeed in life.

If you or someone who is close to you is going through this vicious cycle of violence, you need to take the first bold step and get in touch with Domestic Violence Lawyers Santa Rosa County.

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