Hiring Attorneys In Jacksonville, TX For Commercial Litigation

by | Dec 24, 2013 | Lawyers and Law Firms

Attorneys in Jacksonville, TX provide you with several beneficial services linked to the legal field. Among them are civil and commercial litigation. Through civil litigation, you can file a claim against a manufacturer who sold you a faulty product that may have resulted in a personal injury. You may also file a lawsuit against anyone who has cause another type of personal injury or wrongful death. Through commercial proceedings you can avoid a lawsuit filed against your company and protect your name. If you require legal services within any of these areas of law contact Martin Walker today.

Commercial Litigation

Through commercial litigation, your attorney will assist you in fighting back against the accusations of a former client or even the media. Tort laws exist to protect the interests of business owners whose name is being dragged through the mud in the media. Within a defamation of character case, you can reach a resolution.

In cases, where your customer claims you have sold a faulty product, he or she must prove that the product was not used incorrectly. If your product has specific warning labels in which the customer failed to follow, your attorney can discredit their claim against you.

Local Attorney

Martin Walker Attorneys at Law present you with a wealth of legal services. Their primary focus is personal injury and commercial litigation. Through these legal services, you can protect your interests in terms of your company’s name and to take legal action against those who have caused injuries. These legal services are effective and provide you with a backbone to support your claim against your opposition. If you are ready to fight back, contact Martin Walker Attorneys at Law today or visit their website at


Attorneys in Jacksonville, TX provide you with effective legal representation when you are at odds with a client or customer who wishes to discredit your company name. Through commercial law your selected attorney presents you with fierce legal representation that will prevent these individuals from destroying your company or brand. This includes presenting the need for a gag order when wrongful accusations are floating around the media. If your company is being persecuted through the media or by the words of others, contact Martin Walker Attorneys at Law.

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