Hiring An Affordable Criminal Lawyer In San Diego For A DUI

LawCalifornia imposes strict criminal penalties for any driver who drives while under the influence. The penalties are based on blood-alcohol content readings of 0.08 percent for all drivers over the age of 21. However, any commercial driver is subject to penalties if their reading is 0.04 percent. All drivers under the age of 21 are guilty of DUI if their reading is 0.01 percent. If you are accused of DUI you should contact an affordable criminal lawyer In San Diego.

What is Classified as a DUI?

First, what you should understand about California laws is that a DUI is not limited to the effects of drugs and alcohol alone. A driver is under the influence if he or she takes excessive amounts of medications that include alcohol such as cough syrup. Any prescription drugs that warn against operating motor vehicles during use are also classified as controlled substances. Even over the counter medications that could impair the driver while on the road are included in DUI charges.

Imposed Penalties for DUI

California has a strict zero tolerance for underage drinking. Anyone under the age of 21 is not allowed to have alcohol in their possession while operating a motor vehicle. Exceptions include minors who are passengers and a parent is present in the vehicle. However, all alcoholic beverage must be sealed, unopened, and full.

Unlawful possession of alcohol or DUI by a minor is punishable by vehicle impound for thirty days. The minor incurs a fine of up to $1,000 and suspension for one year. Any minor facing DUI charges should hire an affordable criminal lawyer San Diego.

Any driver over 21 who is convicted of DUI receives an immediate suspension of their licenses based on the Admin per se guidelines enforced by the state. An additionally four months suspension is applied based on the offense. They will spend a period that does not exceed six months in jail. The DUI fines equate up to $1,000 with an additional $125 to renew their driver’s license.

The court will impose the requirement of an ignition interlocking device in their automobile. They are required to enter a treatment program for their addiction. And all drivers who are convicted of DUI are required to maintain SR-22 automobile insurance due to the higher risk for them on the road. If you are facing a DUI charges contact an affordable criminal lawyer in San Diego.

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