Hiring A Legal Staffing Agency In Greensboro

A Legal staffing agency in Greensboro offers a multitude of services to law practices. They provide them with skilled staff on a temporary or permanent basis. Each potential candidate is screened during the interview process. The staffing firm performs background checks and verifies the candidate’s work history. They additionally perform assessment tests to establish skill levels for these candidates.

Hiring a Staffing Service for Your Law Office

By hiring a staffing service for your law office you receive a wealth of benefits. First, you have access to qualified applicants to file vacancies through your firm. These candidates consist of office staff, legal assistants, and paralegals. The staffing firm screens these employees to verify their qualifications and work history. They additionally provide assessment testing to establish the skill level of potential employee. Your preferred recruiter will schedule interviews with your law office for all qualifying candidates.

Some staffing firms additionally provide services such as outsourced accounting, IT services, and disaster recovery. These choices are beneficial to your firm at critical times when you have a heavy caseload and must attend to more pressing matters. Your selected staffing firm may act as your human resources department and assist you with employee documentation.

Local Staffing Firm

Firm Transitions provides job placement for candidates seeking employment with a local law firm. They additionally offer a wealth of services for law firms including staffing, IT services, marketing, and disaster recovery. This firm provides coaching for lawyers who are just entering the field and provide human resources services for large law firms. If you require staffing or additional services for your law firm, you should contact Firm Transitions and schedule an appointment.


Your local Legal staffing agency in Greensboro provides law firms with employees for temporary and permanent placement. These staffing firms place these candidates with firms based on their skill sets, experience, and knowledge of the law. All candidates are required to pass criminal background checks and skill testing. The skill tests are based on the job duties necessary for the respective job vacancy. If you require staffing services, you should contact your preferred staffing firm.

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