Getting Quick Release From Jail With a Bail Bondsman in Detroit

by | Apr 16, 2014 | Law

When a person is arrested by the police and sent to the local jail, the primary goal of the arrested person is to get out of jail as soon as possible. Jails are often too crowded with too many people in the same cell. There is a safety issue for those who are in the jail cell as well. Lots of assaults occur in jails. That is why it is best to get out of jail as quickly as possible by enlisting the help of a bail bondsman in Detroit.

The first thing to do is to contact a trusted friend or family member to work with the bail bondsman in Detroit to start the process to get out of jail. In general, someone outside of the jail will need to guarantee the bail bond. Although there is no guarantee that the bail bond request will be approved, most people are able to get their friends or family members out of jail. If the crime is minor or if the bail amount is low, it is usually not a problem to get someone out of jail. If the crime is major with a high bail amount, it may be considerably more complicated to get that person out of jail.

The friend or family member will have to sign paperwork guaranteeing the bail. The guarantor of the bail will have to show that he or she has the ability to pay the full bail amount if the defendant runs from the law. With low bail amounts, most people can easily qualify to guarantee small bail bonds.

A bail bond premium or fee will need to be paid as well. In Michigan, this is usually 10% of the full bail amount. It is important to understand that the premium is not refundable. The service provided by the bail bond company is to get the defendant out of jail as quickly as possible. Once the defendant has been released, the fee is considered to be earned. If the criminal charges against the defendant are dropped several hours later, the bail bond premium is not refundable. The fee is considered to be earned. After the fee is paid, the bail bond will be issued and the defendant will be released within a few hours depending on the processing time the jail needs.

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