Getting Justice and Compensation in Joliet after a Serious Work Accident

by | Oct 24, 2019 | Attorney

Construction does not necessarily have a reputation for being the safest line of work. Still, you expect to be reasonably protected on the job site from accidents and injuries.

When you have suffered a serious injury as a construction worker, you have a limited time frame to act in your own legal best interests. You can take this action decisively by hiring a construction accident attorney in Joliet to take your case.

Proving Culpability

Your construction accident attorney and you will have the legal burden of proving that your employer rather than you were to blame for your injury. Making this assertion beyond a reasonable doubt requires you to gather a host of evidence. Your construction accident attorney in Joliet could be faced with subpoenaing testimony from workers on the job site as well as obtaining medical records and surveillance video to substantiate your claim.

This evidence will be critical, however, for getting the judge or jury to decide in your favor. You need the court to believe your claim and not be swayed by the counter assertion that your employer will undoubtedly make.

Your lawyer can obtain this evidence immediately after your accident. It can be preserved so that it works to your advantage in court if necessary.

Accepting a Settlement

To avoid going to court, your employer could decide to offer you a settlement. This offer of money and benefits will be given to you if you agree to drop the lawsuit against the company.

Your lawyer can make sure that any settlement that you get takes care of your financial and medical costs now as well as those in the future. It should compensate you for your lost income.

You can find out more about hiring a construction accident attorney online. Contact Block, Klukas, Manzella & Shell PC.

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