What Does a Slip and Fall Accident Attorney Do?

Any personal injury can have devastating effects on the injured party’s health and overall well-being. Paying hospital bills, taking time off work to recover, and finding new ways to move forward in the event of a temporary or permanent disability can all cause serious disruptions to normal routines. When an injury occurs due to someone else’s negligence, this knowledge can be painful to bear. Slip and fall accidents are no exception.

Property liability laws are designed to protect the safety of visitors. When they are violated through owner negligence, and this negligence directly causes someone to be injured on the premises, a slip and fall accident attorney can help the victim get compensation. With this kind of accident, proving responsibility can be a challenge. Any number of factors can cause an accident like this, and only some of them can be attributed to owner negligence.

To be held responsible for a slip and fall injury, an attorney must prove the property owner caused or contributed to dangerous conditions, such as slippery or otherwise hazardous surfaces. The owner has to have known about these dangerous conditions through direct notification from a tenant or guest and failed to take action to remedy them. Some examples of this would be a failure to clear snow from a walkway or sidewalk within a reasonable time frame, or a landlord being alerted about a broken step and failing to fix it.

The extent of the victim’s injury must also be documented in addition to any costs associated with care. A slip and fall accident attorney can help clients obtain relevant medical information, find and interview expert witnesses and, ultimately, determine who the responsible party or parties are so that clients can get compensation to help pay bills and focus on recovery.

Those who have been injured due to a slip and fall accident and aren’t sure who is legally responsible should contact an attorney as soon as possible after the incident occurs. Visit BurtonandBurtonlaw.com for more information about personal injury and premises liability cases and find an attorney who can help clients receive compensation and move forward with their lives.

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