Four Defensive Driving Tips from Your Car Accident Attorney Plainfield NJ Firm

Defensive driving techniques are important if you want to avoid an accident. While there are no foolproof ways to prevent an auto accident, you can do some things to reduce your chances of being involved in one. At the very least, you can minimize the negative impact of a collision with certain techniques. Here are some defensive driving tips from your car accident attorney Plainfield NJ firm.

Buckle Your Seat Belt
Buckling your seat belt isn’t going to prevent an accident, but it will minimize the negative impact of a collision. You should make a habit of buckling your seat belt as soon as you get into your car so it eventually becomes second nature to you. Make sure everyone in the vehicle is also buckled up. Studies have shown that using your seat belt significantly reduces the injuries and negative impact of an auto accident on everyone involved.

Follow the Speed Limit
Speed limits are in place for a reason. They represent a safe speed for the area in which you are driving. Unfortunately, many accidents are the result of someone exceeding the speed limit or driving faster than what the conditions allow. One of the most basic rules for defensive driving is to follow the speed limit. If it’s raining or snowing, you should go a little slower. Safe speeds are essential to preventing auto accidents or at least minimizing their impact.

Avoid Distractions
Another important warning concerning defensive driving from your car accident attorney Plainfield NJ firm is to avoid distractions behind the wheel. As much as you think you can talk on your cell phone and drive at the same time, studies have shown that this is a major distraction that can lead to bad accidents. But cell phones aren’t the only thing that can distract you from driving safely. Eating while driving, changing the radio station, or trying to control your kids in the backseat can also distract you from the road ahead. If you need to do something that will distract you, pull over in a safe place for a few minutes to take care of what you need to do before getting back to driving.

Give Way to Other Drivers
If you’ve ever been cut off by another driver, you know how disconcerting at time that can be. Unfortunately, if you react in the wrong way by trying to gain the edge or upper hand on the road, negative consequences can result. You really don’t want to make the situation worse – giving way to the other driver is the best course of action. Just let them pull ahead or take your place on the road. Everyone will be safer for it in the end.

Having an auto accident can be a frustrating and intimidating experience. If you’ve been injured in one and looking for car accident attorney, contact the professionals at Lord & Kobrin. They serve the NJ area and can help you get the compensation you deserve.

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