Find an Attorney in Lafayette IN for Personal Injury Representation

If you or a loved one gets injured in an accident, where will you turn? The expenses incurred from damages and injuries are only part of what can cause you financial stress after an accident. You will avoid a lot of misery, confusion, and stress when you find an attorney in Lafayette IN to handle your personal injury claim. You will be glad you have representation to fight for your rights or the rights of your loved one. Why is it important to have a lawyer on your side?

Insurance Company Negotiation

Even if an insurance company offers you what seems like a lot of money to you for your damages, losses, and medical bills, they are only trying to save money for their company. They are not concerned with what you need, what you lost, and whether or not you will have future problems due to the accident. Before you accept any kind of settlement offer from an insurance company, consult with an attorney to find out if they are being fair. These lawyers offer free consultations that last about 30 minutes so you can find out if you need to negotiate for more, or accept the offer.

Settlement or Litigation

Whether your claim is settled out of court or in court through litigation, you should not try to represent yourself. You have too much to lose by choosing to settle or represent yourself in court. It is highly likely you will walk away with less than the original offer or nothing if you choose to try to handle the claim on your own. A lawyer will advise you, fight for you, support you, and see to it that your compensation is at least adequate for covering your losses and future losses when applicable.

You and your lawyer should have a special trust which is called a fiduciary trust between one another. You must be honest with your attorney at all times so he or she can provide you with quality representation. If you lie or leave something important out of the situation, you could lose your lawyer or at least lose your case. Your lawyer only gets paid if he or she wins your case. If you want to find an attorney in Lafayette IN, consider speaking with Ball Eggleston, PC about your personal injury claim.

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