Elder Law Columbus Ohio Protect the Elderly

There are many elderly Columbus residents who are forced to rely on other people to provide care and supervision for them. Regardless of what the cause is, the elderly literally put their lives in the hands of their caretakers and family. Unfortunately, elder abuse occurs every day. Each state has its own laws protecting the elderly, but if an elderly person lives in Columbus they fall under Ohio’s legal protection. Elder Law Columbus Ohiois grouped into three categories.

Abuse is defined by code 5101.60 as the cruel punishment, injury, unreasonable confinement, or intimidation of an elderly adult by themselves or another person that results in mental anguish, pain, or physical harm. A person is considered elderly when they are at least 60 years old. It is illegal in Columbus to abuse an elderly person in any way. The laws also include overdosing or withholding medication as abuse.

The second category is neglect. The law defines neglect as the failure to provide any goods or services that are necessary to prevent mental anguish, physical harm, or mental illness. Neglect can be from a caretaker or the elderly person if he or she does not have the ability to properly care for themselves. The elderly can be neglected if they do not have an adequate amount of food, medical care, or medications.

Fraud is the final category. Under Ohio law, it is illegal to financially take advantage of an elderly person. No one can help themselves to an elder’s personal property or money. Overcharging for services and adding names to bank accounts are also illegal. There are also many different forms of scamming that target elderly individuals and fall under the elder fraud statute.

Any time that abuse, neglect, or fraud against elderly individuals are suspected, Ohio Adult Protective Services should be contacted to investigate. The APS worker has the ability to provide access to necessary services, such as medical care and temporary caretakers. He or she can also obtain court orders to force proper care or prevent individuals from continually exploiting or abusing the elder being protected by APS. Best Elder Law Columbus Ohio is designed to be utilized by the professionals to ensure continual safety.

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