Do You Need A Divorce Mediator

Even the most amicable divorces can be emotionally draining as well as expensive. Traditionally when a couple is getting divorced, they are going to have to present their cases to the court, who will decide who deserves what items that were accumulated during their marriage. Most of the time, no one is happy by the time the court has made its ruling. There is another alternative to a traditional divorce court case. If you are in the process of getting divorced and think that you and your spouse can be amicable long enough to decide things without the help of a judge, you might want to think about getting the help of divorce mediators in Long Island.

The purpose of the divorce mediators in Long Island is to help you discuss the various assets that the pair of you managed to accumulate during the course of your marriage and how you want them to be divided. The biggest advantage to deciding to use divorce mediators in Long Island instead of going straight to court is that the mediation will save you a ton of money that you would have spent on legal fees. The other advantage is that couples who use divorce mediators in Long Island instead of dragging their marriage through court cause their friends and family less stress.

Although there are some couples who are able to handle everything very amicably and can split their assets without a huge fight, these couples are rare. The purpose of the divorce mediators in Long Island is to oversee the meditation process, help keep everyone involved as calm as possible and focused on the task, and to formalize any agreements that are reached during the course of the mediation.

Another reason that you should seek the assistance of divorce mediators in Long Island when you are getting divorced is because, unlike you, they are going to be up to date about the current laws and will be quick to answer any questions and address any issues that might come up. If the mediation is successful, by the time it is over, the divorce mediators in Long Island will be able to draw up a formal separation agreement. Both you and your spouse will be given a copy of the agreement which will include information about how the assets are going to be divided. This is a legally binding agreement. If either of you does not honor your part of the separation agreement, there will be a court case and things will quickly become expensive.

Good divorce mediators in Long Island can have a huge impact on how well the mediation goes. A good mediator will have a knack for keeping things on point and for diffusing tense situations.


Cobert Haber & Haber’s divorce mediators Long Island area give couples an opportunity to discuss the terms of their divorce and come up with a formal separation agreement and keep the situation calm.


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