Divorce Corona – You Need Help

Your marriage is falling apart and you never imagined that you would see yourself in this position. You had known that things were getting tough between you and your spouse, but you were optimistic and had hoped that the two of you could work things out and keep your marriage together, if not for yourselves, but for the children. It seemed that the harder that you tried, the worse things seems to go with your spouse. Your spouse refused to seek the help of a clergy or a counselor, so what could you do. You certainly were not going to discuss your issues with family or friends, that is totally unheard of in your family. You just don’t tell family secrets.

Is it time to talk to talk to a divorce Corona attorney. You’ve heard the ones from Corona are the best. You could speak quietly, confidentially, and no one would need to know but the attorney and you. This would give you to raise some issues about which you are worried such as custody issues, custodial support, where would you live, how would you pay for it. There are just so many issues to be dealt with and decisions cannot be made quickly. Not only are custody and visitation issues a concern for you, but what about your parents? It would kill your parents if they did not get to see their precious grand-kids again but would your spouse allow the kids to travel out of state to be with the grandparents?

How do you decide on a divorce corona attorney? Do they talk to each other about their cases? What if my spouse had an attorney on the third floor and I had an attorney on a separate practice on the fourth floor? How do I know they will not meet in the elevator and not discuss our case? I guess I am having a hard time trusting what is going on. I just don’t want a divorce, but something has to be done and I need to get moving somehow. Our children’s peaceful quiet home is being torn apart.

Maybe a better first step would be to discuss a separation with the attorney. At least the options would be made more clear to me and I would know what I could and could not do. Marriage is tough, but breaking up is tougher.

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