Divorce Cases: Understanding the Work of Divorce Lawyers during Divorce

by | Oct 5, 2013 | Law

When you decide to get a divorce, it is important to understand what the process will involve so as to avoid going through unnecessary physical and emotional distress. Notably, people hire New Jersey Divorce Lawyers when they decide to get a divorce. In order to make this process easier, it is important to understand what the divorce entails and what it means to your family and children.

Typically, the attorney that you hire will affect your divorce case. Indeed attorneys work based on their nature and experience while others adhere to the requirements of their firms when handling each divorce case. When you decide to get a divorce, you will need to visit New Jersey Divorce Lawyers. The first thing that an attorney will tell you is whether you qualify for a divorce. You will need to speak to your spouse first concerning your resolve to divorce. The responding spouse is given from a month to three to respond to the request after which you will need to appear in court for a hearing. Superior courts in New Jersey handle divorce cases. The court must have grounds and jurisdiction to handle the case. This usually means that the spouses reside in the same county. Generally, you and your spouse must show proof of residence for more than a year in the county so that your case can be heard in court. It is the work of attorneys to ensure that the following happens during a divorce case:

  • Grounds for divorce: After proof of residency, divorce lawyers will consider the grounds for divorce. This means that you cannot choose to wake up and end your marriage without a reason. The no-fault reason is common in divorce cases in New Jersey. Here, the spouses have been separated for more than one a half years consecutively. They will need to show proof that they did not live together or see each other within this period. Other reasons include but not limited to mental illness, imprisonment for more than a year and a half, desertion and extreme cruelty. Adultery is also a common ground for divorce. In such a case, divorce lawyers need to prove to the court that the spouse had an opportunity and will to commit adultery. Cunnilingus and fellatio cannot be used as a request for divorce on the grounds of adultery.
  • Annulment: if the marriage is declared void, the spouses do not need to go to court for any settlement. This means that the marriage had a defect and should have never happened.
  • Resolving issues: Divorce lawyers assist in solving practical issues such as settling marital debts, property distribution and spousal support. In cases where children are involved, custody and visitation rights must be handled. Lawyers always work to ensure that the spouses are in agreement so that the case can be handled quickly and with fewer resources.

Understanding the work of New Jersey divorce lawyers will give you an idea of what to expect during the divorce process. For more information, visit

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