Choosing A Course Of Action When Facing A Foreclosure In West Chester Township

by | Oct 29, 2013 | Lawyers

Foreclosure in West Chester Township is a process in which the mortgage lender seizes your property when the borrower defaults on the mortgage loan. Within this process, the lender places the property for sale through a realtor or exchange in which it is listed for significantly lower than the value of the loan. Unfortunately, the borrower is responsible for any remaining balance left over after this sale. However, an attorney can assist you in these matters.

How to Avoid Foreclosure

As a property owner that has financed your home through a mortgage company, you are aware that any balance that is ninety days later may result in a default on your loan. You may also understand that foreclosures quickly follow a default. However, you have options as a homeowner to protect your property from seizure.

Determining Your Course of Action

A foreclosure has detrimental effects on your credit. These actions may appear on your credit report for at least twelve years or longer depending on whether your mortgage lender sells the account to a collection agency. In making a final decision and devise a course of action, you should consider, which is more important at this stage of your life, your credit or remaining in your home.

During a foreclosure, you have two options. You may file for bankruptcy, which will enable you to maintain ownership of your home, but hinder your credit for several years. Or you may place your property on the market to initiate a quick sale. To establish which option is most beneficial, you should consult your preferred attorney.

Local Foreclosure Attorney

R. Dean Snyder, Attorney at Law provides legal guidance and representation for property owners who run the risk of a foreclosure. This attorney offers a clear option for these owners and enables them to prevent further damage of their credit. He also presents options that could stop the foreclosure dead in its tracks. To learn more about this attorney, visit


Foreclosure in West Chester Township presents the possibility of an actionable claim against you by your mortgage lender. Through this process, your lender may seize your property and make you legally responsible for any outstanding balance through litigation. A skilled attorney is familiar with the two most common solutions to a foreclosure. These options consist of quick real estate sales and bankruptcy claims.



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