Are You Drowning in Debt? There is a Bankruptcy Lawyer in Harrisburg Waiting to Help

You are reluctant to show your face in public as it seems you owe everyone. With the seeming instability of the government, you are not sure if you will have a job next week or not. Even if you have a job, will you have money? The bank will be threatening foreclosure soon. At least the car payments are caught up so it will not be repossessed. You are holding your breath that the kids do not get sick. You do not sleep at night, just pace the floor! My friend, did you know that there is help out there for you. Your situation is not your fault. You goal was for a happy family in a good home. No one blames you or anyone else for that. However, it is time to speak to a Bankruptcy lawyer in Harrisburg.

There are three types of Bankruptcy cases. The first one Chapter 11, applies to those who are business owners are partners in a business. The purpose of this type is to try to re-organize your debt so that you may remain in business, and yet set up a repayment plan to your debtors. Again, this only applies to business debt, and we will not go into this now.

Chapter 13 applies to individuals or families who have unsecured debts of less than $307,675 and secured debts of less than $922.975. Like the Chapter 11 type of bankruptcy, the purpose is to re-organize your debt, make arrangements to surrender certain valuables, like stocks, investments, etc. so that you can keep your home. Your Bankruptcy lawyer in Harrisburg will meet with your debtors and set up repayment schedules in the amount of 10% and up depending on your income. This will be rescheduled up to a five year repayment.

Finally, and the choice many people use is the Chapter 7. This one is used frequently because it gives the debtor the chance to seek release from total debts. With the help of your lawyer, the property you own is declared exempt (car, house, other belongings) and that means that your debtors cannot lay claim to them to repay your debt. When you and your attorney meets with a magistrate to determine your case, you can be discharged from declared debt. This gives you a clean slate, and you can start over. It will be tough to get credit, but you have a fresh start.

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