Child Custody and Support Challenges Divorcing Parents

by | Apr 26, 2013 | Law

Divorce is extremely difficult for couples to face, even when they are truly unhappy in marriage and see divorce as the first step toward a better life. No matter how many bad feelings there may be between a couple, divorce is still the rending of a bond, which is never a neat or pleasant experience. If the couple has children, to say that this further complicates matters is an understatement. The prospect of having to make arrangements for child custody, visitation and support is intimidating, to say the least. This is not just a simple division of property; lives are involved. The parents will each need an experienced lawyer to help them reach an agreement on what is best for the children in this difficult situation.

Fortunately, divorce does not mean that one parent must give up his or her rights to the children. Even if one parent does maintain primary physical custody of the children, the parents can still have joint legal custody. The children might stay with one parent most of the time, but both parents will have an equal say in any major decisions in the childrens’ lives. Some parents do opt for joint physical custody as well, in which the children spend equal amounts of time with both parents. Whether or not parents will share physical custody, most judges strive to ensure that both parents receive ample visitation with their children.

For some parents, the primary concern during divorce is child support. For example, you may be looking for a Child Support Lawyer in Douglasville GA. Child support is a challenging subject for parents whether they pay or receive it. Resentment and pride often get in the way of focusing on the childrens’ financial needs. Child support issues may also arise during any period following a divorce. Financial circumstances change, and child support arrangements may need to be made where none previously existed. Previously existing child support arrangements may need to be appealed. For instance, a parent may assert that the current amount of child support he or she pays is unfair due to other financial obligations. Obligations to additional children or other dependents, medical bills, etc. can be unduly burdensome. Whether or not you are the custodial parent, you should have a qualified Child Support Lawyer in Douglasville GA for any child support issues, either during or after divorce proceedings.

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