Car Insurance Basics for Nevada

To protect yourself, your family and your wealth, it is very important that you have adequate amounts of automobile insurance. If you are uncertain about the types of automobile insurance you may need if you are involved in a car accident, an automobile accident lawyer should be able to help you. In Nevada, like most states, it is against the law to be driving without automobile insurance.

Car Insurance is required
In Nevada you must have insurance prior to registering your car. Because you are required to demonstrate proof of insurance, you should keep proof of automobile insurance in your vehicles at all times.

Nevada law requires all drivers to have the minimum coverage amounts which are:
* $15,000 in the case of causing injury or death to a single person
* $30,000 in the case of causing injury or death to two or more people
* $10,000 for destruction of property or injury during the accident

DMV Notification
You must provide your insurance information to the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles when you register your car for the first time or when you renew your registration. You can provide this proof with your Nevada Evidence of Insurance card. You receive this card from your insurance company.

License Suspension
If you are caught driving without insurance or even without the proper paperwork to prove you have car insurance, you could be issued a criminal citation. Consequently, it is very important that you always have proper insurance and have evidence of insurance with you. If you drive without car insurance in Nevada, your driver’s license could be suspended.

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