Basic Child Custody Information

There are many factors that are determined in a divorce. One of the most important factors is who will get custody of the child or children. As a loving parent, it can be heartbreaking to watch that the effects a divorce can have on children of all ages. It is especially important that their physical and emotional well-being is taken into consideration throughout the process. If you are currently facing the need for a child custody Piqua, OH attorney and making a specific agreement, it is important that you go into the proceedings with a strong base knowledge of how things work and what to expect. There are a few concepts and terms that are commonly used in child custody agreements that should be understood.

There are different types of custody that can be awarded by the court system. While undergoing proceedings, child custody Piqua, OH lawyers and judges will often use these terms in order to describe living situations and visitation rights. These types of custody are legal custody, physical custody, sole custody and joint custody.

Legal custody of a child refers to the legal right to make decisions with regards to the child and his or her welfare. These decisions generally include education, health care, religion, and various other things. Parents can be awarded sole or joint legal custody, meaning that one or both parents have the right to be included in decisions regarding the welfare of the child.

Physical custody is specifically confined to the living arrangements for the child. If a parent is awarded sole physical custody of a child, this means that the child will live exclusively with one of the parents. The visitation rights of the other parent can vary, depending on the situation. They may be granted supervised or unsupervised visitation rights.

Sole custody and joint custody specifically refer to the rights of the parents. Parents can have joint legal custody of a child while one parent has sole physical custody, for example. If it is determined that one parent is unfit to have custody of a child, the court may make special arrangements that allow that parent to play some role in the life of the child.

By understanding these terms, parents are much more prepared to engage in making a custody agreement and to understand more fully what their legal rights are. A child custody Piqua, OH attorney is also able to help clarify the specific details of the law and the case as it stands. Always, it is important to remember to keep the child’s wellbeing and happiness in the forefront of these types of proceedings.

A child custody Piqua, OH attorney will help you ensure that your child is taken care of in the future. Make the best decision for your child by finding a good child custody Piqua, OH lawyer!

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