Acting Appropriately After a Workplace Injury

Getting injured at work can be an overwhelming experience. In Illinois, the state is governed by a compulsory system meant to benefit people who have been hurt at the workplace. By hiring a workman’s comp lawyer, Marion employees, for example, can uphold their rights and understand certain entitlements.

Some Steps to Take Before Hiring a Lawyer

Embarrassment or intimidation may make you more likely to conceal a workplace related injury or illness. However, by hiding a problem, you could sacrifice advantages and rights available to you under state law.

If you have been injured or are showing symptoms of a sickness that may be related to your job, file a report with your supervisor right away, even if co-workers try to convince you to do otherwise.

You can give notice of a work-related health problem either by speaking face-to-face with a supervisor or providing a written note. Include a concise description of the issue, plus the date, location where the injury or illness occurred, and your contact information.

Legal Assistance

After reporting an incident through the proper channels, it’s time to recruit the services of a workman’s comp lawyer. Marion law firms that specialize in the needs of employees are a smart option, because the legal professionals there will understand all the intricacies of current laws and be able to let you know what to expect as your case progresses.

Coverage Beyond New Injuries

While meeting with a workman’s comp lawyer, Marion clients often learn that they are also covered under state law if they suffer with repetitive use injuries or aggravate a previous issue at the workplace. That’s why it’s so important to be aware of any symptoms that you believe may be related to your job, and seek prompt medical attention.

Under current laws, almost every Illinois employee may be eligible to receive benefits, meaning that there’s no reason to suffer in silence. Report problems to your supervisor, and seek legal help to decide how to proceed during the coming days.

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