Trucking Accident Attorney New Jersey: What to expect on your First Meeting

If you have been in a trucking accident, the first thing to do is go to hospital for a checkup. Subsequently, you should contact a trucking accident attorney New Jersey. You can easily find one by asking for recommendations from loved ones or by doing your own research on the Internet. Once you have done a background check on the attorney and ascertained that he is experienced and reputable, you can go ahead and book for a consultation meeting. There are several things you can expect during the meeting.

Obviously, the first thing the trucking accident attorney will want to know are facts about the case.  For this reason, you should carry with you all police reports, medical reports and any other documents you may be having regarding your case. If the Accident resulted in time away from work, you should also to provide the lawyer with details on how much time you missed and how much, in monetary value, you lost from being away. You should expect the lawyer to ask you to explain what exactly happened. There are two reasons why the lawyer will ask to talk about what happened. First, is obviously to get facts about the case. Second, is to get a chance to see how you speak. Are you overly dramatic or calm? Is a jury likely to believe you? From this, the lawyer is able to determine the best course of action.

The next thing you can expect is to hear from the lawyer what he thinks of your case. The lawyer having taken notes will review the information. Subsequently, he will tell you what is likely to happen. He will tell you about the strengths and weaknesses of your case. If you have any concerns about your case, this is the best time to ask. Take note of how the lawyer responds. Is he helpful? Do you think you can work well together? Trust your instincts and only choose the trucking accident attorney if you feel at ease with him.

Another thing you can expect during the consultation meeting is talk about the charges and fees. The attorney will tell you whether he works on contingency or charges hourly fees. If he charges hourly fees, you should find out the rate and if it is negotiable. You should also ask if the attorney charges a retainer and what modes of payment are accepted. If you decide to work with a lawyer, make sure you get the details of everything in writing.

There are three things to expect during the first consultation meeting with a trucking accident attorney New Jersey. You will talk about the case, the lawyer will tell you what to expect and there will be talk about fees and charges.

During the consultation meeting with a trucking accident attorney, you will talk about the trucking accident, the lawyer will evaluate the information and tell you what to expect then you will talk about the charges.

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