What to Look for in a bail bonds company Atlanta

The key role played by bail bonds agents in the United States cannot be overemphasised. A bail bonds company in Atlanta is what really facilitates the realisation of the right to liberty, which is enshrined in the Constitution. The Fourteenth amendment to the Constitution is clear that no person shall be denied the right to liberty. This right extends to the right to bail, which should accrue to all accused persons. It is heralded by the presumption of innocence whose effect is that an accused person is only that-an accused person. Not a convict. As such, all his rights should be protected and this includes the right to liberty.

That said, what are the things any accused person should look out for in a bail bonds company Atlanta?

First and foremost, any bail bonds company should be registered. It is an open secret that following abuse of the law relating to bail bonds, various regulations were laid out. Among these is that a bail bonds company must be licensed and registered. Any company that purports to offer bail bonds services without the sanctioning of the authorities is therefore a sham, which should be avoided at all costs. An unregistered company has no business securing the release of defendants. As such, your bail can be revoked if the courts find out that the firm did not fulfil all the legal requirements.

The second trait of a good bail bonds company is reliability. You have just been arrested and you have no property in your name to secure your release. Neither do you have friends to act as sureties. What do you do? Now, two options stare you in the face: the first is to simply submit to detention and the second is to seek the services of a bail bond agent. Think about this: if an agent promises to secure your release in a few weeks’ time, will it beneficial to you? The answer is no. By the time that period of time lapses, you will have ‘rotted in jail.’ So, the point is to seek a bail bonds company that will be able to attend to your situation with the urgency it serves-if possible, one that will ensure you avoid detention in the first place.

A good bail bonds company Atlanta must also be experienced in the field. Remember that you are dealing with police officers for the most part. Legal technicalities are also numerous. A firm that is well versed with the legal procedures is likely to deliver good services. An experienced company will also obtain a good reputation because if not, it would have been deregistered. So, a company that has been in operation for a long time is likely to have the credibility that will be needed to secure your release.

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