Your Bell Law Office Deportation Attorney can Help You Stay in the US

There are over 50 reasons the United States government can order someone to leave the country. Immigration and Customs Enforcement-;ICE for short-;can deport any person who is not a citizen, even someone who has achieved permanent resident or “green card” status. Most reasons for deportation fall into three main categories, which we will discuss below.

Commission of a Crime

Most deportations happen due to criminal convictions. Felonies involving violence or weapons are automatic grounds for deportation, as are most domestic violence convictions. If you are not a US citizen, you probably won’t be released at the end of your prison sentence, because ICE will put a hold on you. You will likely remain in prison until the US immigration court hears your case. To get the fairest resolution, you should hire a deportation lawyer.

Poor Conduct

ICE can deport you for other bad behaviors such as alcohol or drug addiction, and misdemeanor crimes such as disturbance of the peace. Conduct-based grounds are difficult to prove, and your deportation lawyer may have a better shot at contesting these charges in court. Your Bell Law Office Deportation Attorney will help you find character witnesses, even if your personal life hasn’t been “perfect”.

Paperwork Snafus

Deportations also happen because of documentation errors. For instance, if you obtained a green card through marriage to a US citizen, and ICE can prove that the marriage isn’t real, you can get deported. Failure to renew a visa or green card can also result in your being ordered out of the country.

Your Options

Despite their power, ICE does not have the only say in deportation proceedings. Even if you aren’t a citizen, you have the right to a proper defense from a deportation lawyer. You also have the right to apply for a waiver if your deportation would cause hardship to your family. Hardship defenses aren’t always successful, especially if you have a felony conviction. Even if deportation proceedings are stopped, you may be prohibited from applying for permanent resident status.

The US’ immigration and deportation laws are complex, and each case’s facts are unique. This article was intended as a general, brief guide. For information specific to your case, please call a Bell Law Office Deportation Attorney.


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