Working With An Attorney To Avoid Baby Mama Drama In Dallas

by | Oct 28, 2013 | Attorney

Custody and child support are hot-button issues that can lead to ugly disputes. Parties have to deal with many issues if they have children together. First, if you have Baby Mama Drama Dallas, consult an attorney. An attorney helps parties work through domestic issues, and focus on parenting the children. Texas law requires that parents have joint conservatorship, or custody, of their children. Parties are required to work out a “parenting plan,” that resolves all matters about the children. The parenting plan states the parents’ rights and duties, and spells out how future disputes will be resolved.

The Lee Law Firm Dallas has experience in helping clients negotiate parenting plans. It is preferable for parents to make decisions together rather than having strangers do it for them. Custody fights are expensive, and no one wants the best Baby Mama Drama in Dallas. One of the more difficult decisions is who will have primary physical custody. If the parties can’t resolve custody, the Court makes the decision. The Court determines what’s in the best interest of the child. The Judge uses a variety of methods to study the case, including psychological evaluations of the parents. Children 12 and older can tell the court where they want to live, but this is not legally binding.

Texas determines child support Dallas based on the number of children and parental income and budgets. If the court decides that a parent is underemployed, child support is based on earning potential. The law requires wage garnishment, so child support comes directly out of the payor’s check. Further, the non-custodial parent must provide health insurance, or reimburse the custodial parent if they cover insurance. An attorney files for a modification if a parent loses a job or has a cut in pay. In most instances, the Judge grants a modification if a parent makes at least 20 percent less a month. If the non-custodial parent fails to pay, they can be arrested or lose their driver’s license. Domestic issues are complicated, but there has to be cooperation between the parties to raise their children. It’s always best to keep the children away from all parental disputes. Visit website for more information!

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