Why You Need a Bankruptcy Lawyer Lexington VA

by | Apr 18, 2013 | Legal Services

When a person or couple decides to file for bankruptcy, it’s imperative that they retain a bankruptcy lawyer in order to help them proceed through the bankruptcy process. If you live in the Lexington Virginia area, your best option is to find a Bankruptcy Lawyer VA as soon as you decide bankruptcy may be a viable option.

If there are no other good reasons for hiring a bankruptcy lawyer, the complicated nature of the bankruptcy process would be enough to retain an attorney to represent you. If you don’t have experience in bankruptcy, the amount of paperwork and the complicated processes that go on can be very confusing. Having an attorney who understands this will be of great benefit to you.

In addition, your attorney will act as your representative to your credit card companies. A bankruptcy attorney can be very convincing to credit card companies and collection agencies that would seek to hound you for the repayment of a debt. A Bankruptcy Lawyer Lexington VA can make it abundantly clear that you have entered into a bankruptcy agreement and it is against the law for creditors or collection agencies to contact you about collecting a debt while your bankruptcy case is being processed.

Lastly, a qualified bankruptcy lawyer will understand the stipulations that you will have to follow according to the rules set forth by the bankruptcy courts. For example, most states require that the people filing for bankruptcy attend a mandatory credit counseling class. The attorney will inform you of these classes, sometimes they will schedule you to appear at the counseling sessions and they will ensure that you carry out the wishes of the bankruptcy court in this manner.

A bankruptcy attorney may be an expense that you don’t think you can afford, but when you consider the complexity of the bankruptcy process and all you are required to do, you’ll find you need to have an experienced attorney helping you and guiding you through this difficult process. From mandatory counseling sessions to speaking directly with creditors on your behalf, there are many benefits that you will enjoy from a qualified bankruptcy attorney representing you and perhaps they can make this process a bit easier to handle.

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