Why Would an Employer Deny Your Right to Claim Worker’s Compensation?

The reason why your employer would deny your right to Claim Worker’s Compensation is actually very simple -; money. Worker’s compensation is not any different than any other kind of insurance. Your employer is required to pay premiums. After you Claim Worker’s Compensation, the premiums your employer has to pay every month are going to go up. When an employer can justify not paying someone, they can avoid an increase in the amount of money they have to pay every month just to keep the insurance.

Premium Costs

The more worker’s compensation claims that get filed, the higher the premium is for the employer. The premium costs also go up if the employer’s insurance has to pay out a heftier amount than normal as the result of a more expensive claim. This could include an employee requiring extensive back surgery after an accident that happened in the work place. This is why employers regularly monitor what you and your employees do on a daily basis. If they can determine that you were doing something that is not within your job description or you were legitimately doing something wrong, they could get out of paying you.

The unfortunate truth is that some employers are biased towards certain injuries. While an injury might impede your ability to get things done at home, it does not impede your ability to do your work, so your employer does not think you deserve worker’s compensation. Any time you get injured in a way that cripples your ability to do anything, you are entitled to compensation. If your employer is making it difficult for you to get that compensation you require, you need to reach out to a law firm such as Gilbert Blaszcyk and Milburn LLP for assistance.

You should, however, keep in mind that it is not always just the employer that is trying to block your ability to get the benefits you need. It is the insurance company that has to pay the benefits. This is why the insurance company will hire a lawyer to find reasons why you deserve as little money as possible. Hiring a lawyer to represent you is just about protecting yourself in these kinds of situations.

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