What To Do About Nursing Home Abuse

If you suspect that there has been nursing home abuse Omaha directed at one of your loved ones, you should make sure and take the proper steps to get it taken care of. Some of the signs of nursing home abuse are unexplained injuries, unresponsiveness, weight change, signs of poor hygiene, and irregular behaviors. Another sign is if a staff member at the facility will not allow you visits or will not leave you alone with your loved one during a visit. If you have noticed any of these signs, the management of the facility where your loved one is at is required by law to address your concerns and is also required to have a written policy about these kinds of situations. There are some steps you can take if you are faced with facilities with nursing home abuse Omaha.

The first step you should take in an elderly abuse situation is to ask your loved one about what you think might be happening. There are some elderly patients that might be mentally challenged and cannot give you an accurate account, and that is something you should take into consideration. Others might be trying to protect their dignity and do not want you to know what has been happening. You will have to assess the situation and the person you are dealing with to know how to properly handle the information they give you. After you have discussed the situation with your loved one, you should go to the manager or supervisor at the facility and discuss it with them. Be careful at first not to pass judgment, but try to stay calm and listen to what they have to say. If you still feel that nursing home abuse Omaha is going on, the condition gets worse or at least fails to improve, that is when you should file a complaint with the proper state agency. The next step to getting protection and justice for your loved one and any other victims at the facility is to contact a nursing home abuse attorney so that they can help you to take the proper legal steps. They will let you know what sort of proof you will need and anything else that you will need to have to help your case in a nursing home abuse Omaha situation.

It is never appropriate for anyone to be abused, especially those who are unable to defend themselves. If you suspect that your loved one has been a victim of nursing home abuse, you should take the proper steps, contact the proper authorities, and do everything you can to protect them.

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Nursing Home Abuse

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