What does a family law mediator do?

by | Jul 10, 2013 | Lawyers

There are times when a family gets embroiled in a dispute that may end up in divorce, in cases like this, the couple may see a family law lawyer in Pottstown PA who’s main objective is to act as an impartial mediator, arriving at a decision that is agreeable to both parties, this is of particular importance when there are children involved. Although most family law mediators are lawyers, there are other professionals who received certification to mediate family disputes.

One huge responsibility that the family law lawyer in Pottstown PA has is to act as a counselor to the family. There are many cases where the couple is have serious trouble in their marriage but they do not want to divorce. The mediator listens intently to all the parties, attempting to find out what the real issue is that is causing the conflict. There are many reasons for conflict between a couple, something as devastating as the loss of a child, issues with the relationship and outside influences which are causing changes in ones normal behavioral pattern. In cases like this, the mediator listens patiently to the complaints from both parties, if possible, speak to the children and in most cases, recommend that the couple seek therapeutic help.

If a couple have already decided that the solution to their problem is a divorce, the mediator will be tasked with advising the couple and providing guidance on such diverse issues as the property split and child custody. In cases like this, the divorcing couple will both have their own family law lawyer in Pottstown PA; the mediator will be briefed by the attorneys as to what their respective clients want. The mediator will be made privy to many documents which show the various assets, liabilities, wages etc, of the couple. The mediator will meet with the couple in an effort to arrive at an agreement which in turn can be passed to the couples lawyers for submission to the family court.

In many cases, the mediator will be appointed by the court to work with families that cannot afford a lawyer or to mediate in issues that were not fully resolved before the case was heard in court.

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